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At Gameship, a top-notch multimedia studio, we have state-of-the-art equipment in the field of motion capture, 3D rendering, audio and video. We offer businesses the opportunity to use these facilities, if necessary with support from our own professionals. At our studio companies will find at their disposal a professional-standard motion capture- and film studio together with a control room; equipment includes more than twenty Vicon T160 and T40 cameras, six Full HD Sony XD cams, and a RED One camera. In addition, we can provide audio- and video editing rooms, a render farm and a CAREN platform.
Education is something we feel very strongly about at Gameship, so we like to give students a chance to work together with our professionals in this technology.
Students from NHL University and from Friesland College are currently making good use of this collaboration.
Gameship is part of the NHL University and it's Communication Multimedia Design education.